Somali Women’s Development Association Inc. is one of the African community organisations funded through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during coronavirus (COVID-19) phase two to help Somali community stay informed about COVID-19 and finding in-language health advice and information on supports to share within the Somali community including how to access an interpreter or information about the support COVID-19 pandemic.

Our key activities of the Organisation include:

  • Build grassroot champions by providing training to be informed and keeping their networks informed on COVID-19 prevention and vaccine rollout.
  • Help enable opportunities for Somali women to feel empowered and build on their skills and capabilities to champion information in their networks.
  • Run a variety of workshops (health information sessions, storytelling, and social gathering events) to cover:
  • COVID-19 vaccines (dispelling myths, train the trainer)
  • COVID-19 testing (encouraging testing)
  • COVIDSafe behaviours and prevention (how to use QR codes).
  • Reinforce using face masks, PPE and social distancing

Somali Women Development Association Inc. is working in partnership with DFFH, DH, CoHealth, Local Councils and other organisations to develop locally delivered solutions to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). If you know anyone interesting to be part of our workshops from Somali background you can give our email and our number. Attendance will be reimbursed their time during the training. This will be run after the lockdown restrictions ease.

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